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Student Activities and Leadership Development

The Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development provides guidance and serves as a resource for students and student organizations.  Our goal is to help student leaders be successful in planning and executing social, cultural, educational, and recreational programs.  The office offers out-of-classroom experiences that promote personal and leadership development.

Thank you for interest in the various Brescia University Student Leadership Positions.

Student Activities Program Board (SAPB)

Responsible for assisting with events and activities for Brescia Students (bands, comedians, karaoke, movies, lectures, leadership workshops, off campus excursions, etc.)

Time Commitment: Full participation in Student Leader training (2-3 days prior to Orientation Leader Training). Weekly SAPB meeting and office hours; planning for and implementation of events (tasks and events vary week to week and are shared by board members).

Orientation Leader

Responsible for assisting with the preparation for and implementation of the 4 day New Student Orientation program prior to the start of classes.  (Facilitating a group of first year students, coordinating materials and information, etc.).

Time Commitment: Full participation in Student Leader training (4-5 days prior to Orientation) and full participation in New Student Orientation (4 days prior to the first day of classes).

Peer Educator

Responsible for assisting with the preparation for and implementation of a section of BU 101 in collaboration with assigned instructor.  (Facilitating icebreakers, planning social events, leading class discussions, assisting the instructor as needed, etc.)

Time Commitment: 1 or 2 training days late Spring and/or during Summer.  Weekly meetings with BU101 instructor to prepare for class, attendance at each meeting of the BU101 class (including social and service dates).  Monthly FYE meetings throughout Fall and Spring.

Resident Assistant

Help enforce college policy by reporting activity not consistent with the Student Code of Conduct. Work to prepare halls for opening and closing. Assist residential students with needs related to hall life.

Time Commitment: RAs are required to be present and available for 1 week of training prior to each semester (prior to OL/SAPB training). Work load is between 12 and 20 hours a week dependent on many factors.