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Institutional Financial Aid Programs

Brescia University invests more than $1.8 million dollars each year towards the success of students. All full-time undergraduate students who are not enrolling in the already-discounted BUonline Program are eligible to be considered for institutional financial aid. Institutional financial aid is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis at the time of aid packaging. No separate application is required.

Use our Academic Scholarship Estimator to discover which of the Brescia University Scholarships are available to you based on ACT/SAT score and grade point average.

*Brescia University will first apply federal and state grants to a business office account and then apply institutional aid up to the student’s total direct costs which only includes tuition, room, and board charges. A copy of Brescia University’s institutional aid policy is available in the Financial Aid Office as well as mailed with the financial aid award letter.