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Student Voting Information

Students interested in running for any elected must submit a nomination position form with signatures of at least 25 students, a member of the faculty, and the signature of the Dean of Students or the Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development by Tuesday, April 4th.

If approved, every candidate must be present and give a brief speech at the April 11th General Assembly Meeting at 11:00 A.M. in the Moore Center Program Room, unless otherwise notified. 

Campaigning for elections may begin, if approved, on Wednesday, April 12th.            

The elections will be open for voting on Tuesday, April 18th, at 8:00 A.M. and close on Thursday, April 20th at noon.  

All elected members will be required to maintain at least a 2.8 grade point average and will be prohibited from holding office due to any sanctions imposed under the Code of Conduct. (Further explanation is found on page 4 below).

Any candidate may appeal to the Dean of Students for a revision of his or her academic standing.    

Dates for the 2023 SGA Executive Board Election are:
March 21st: Nomination forms are available for pickup
April 4th: Nomination forms are due
April 11th: Candidates give speeches at General Assembly Meeting
April 12th – 17th: Candidates are allowed to campaign
April 18th – 20th: Voting for Executive Board nominees
Inaugural Ball will be held at the Bluegrass Museum on April 22nd, where new officers will be announced and sworn in.


  1. Flyers should identify the candidate and desired position in which they are running.   
  2. Candidates must follow the University Posting Policy as written in the Student Handbook (see page 3 below). 
  3. Use of the University official logo is prohibited. 
  4. Candidates may slide flyers under individual residence hall doors, but may not place them on residence doors themselves. 
  5. Flyers must be removed by the “down” date given at the time of approval. 
  6. Candidates may not remove or obstruct the view of other candidate’s material. 
  7. Candidates may not put a flyer over another candidates campaign materials or a publicity flyer for an upcoming event.
  8. ALL flyers must have stamped approval from the Student Development office before posting.  

Endorsements or Campaign 

  1. No employee of the university (faculty, staff, or administration) may campaign in any capacity for any candidate.
  2. Any student who is an employee in any capacity (including Work Study) for Brescia may not campaign, either verbal or material, for any candidate while on the clock.
  3. No candidate may use university letterhead for campaigning purposes.

Campaign Finances 

  1. No candidate’s campaign expenses may exceed $50.00, including all contributions.
  2. This amount is to cover the general and run-off elections. Each candidate must submit an itemized financial statement and receipts for any items purchased.
  3. Candidates should submit financial statements no later than noon on the day that voting closes.

Social Media  

  1. Candidates may not send mass emails for campaign purposes. 


Any candidate that fails to abide by campaign rules may result in disqualification