Accommodation Procedures

In order for a student to receive special accommodations for a disability at Brescia University, the following
procedure is used.

1. The student must complete an Accommodation Request Form and turn it in to [email protected]. A copy of this form is available on the website.

2. The student must also submit the proper documentation (also listed on the website) supporting the request for accommodations to the Office of Disability Services. This documentation needs to specify a diagnosis and be from a medical professional, i.e. doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist, and have been issued within the last five years. Note: An IEP or 504 plan is not sufficient.

3. The student must be interviewed by the Coordinator of Disability Services.

4. The Coordinator for Disability Services will review the student’s Accommodation Request Form and supporting documentation.

5. If accommodations are approved, the student will be asked to sign a release directing the Coordinator of Disability Services to email the Accommodation Letter to his/her instructors. The Coordinator will email the Accommodation Letter the same day the release is signed.

6. The student will be responsible for meeting with their instructor within a week of the email to discuss these accommodations and their application to each class.

Note: A new letter must be requested by the student and issued each semester that the student wishes to have accommodation(s). Thus, a new release will have to be signed each semester as well. The documentation and official Accommodation Request Form will not need to be resubmitted unless there is a change in the diagnosis and/or accommodation need.