Disability Services

Students who have a learning, psychological or physical disability have access to resources at Brescia University that will allow them to be successful academically. These resources and accommodations are readily available upon request and will provide equal access to a quality education.  Accommodations vary by need, but include having extended time for testing, quiet testing environment, downloadable books, and use of assistive technology.

Access the Brescia University Accommodation Procedures to learn more about how the accommodation process works.  If students have a documented disability and wish to receive accommodations at Brescia University, they should complete the Accommodation Request Form and submit it along with documentation from their medical professional (doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist) in the form of the Disability Verification Form or other documentation that includes a clear diagnosis of the disability and be current (within the last five years.)  An IEP or 504 plan from school is helpful, but not sufficient documentation. High school dual-credit students should be advised that IEPs cover P–12 education and, while helpful in a college setting, are not binding. Dual credit students with existing IEPs who believe they will need reasonable accommodations for their college work should notify Brescia officials at the time of course registration so that a plan can be put into place by the time students begin their college classes.

Students should send the information to [email protected].