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Technology Discounts

Free Antivirus

As a Brescia University student, staff member, or faculty member, you have access to a free Microsoft Forefront antivirus. You may use this software as long as you are at Brescia University.

By installing this software you agree to the terms of the software and agree to remove the software once you are no longer at Brescia University You have to use your Brescia e-mail address and password to access the installer.

Install the software.  This antivirus only works on Microsoft products.

Software Purchase Plan

Registered students, faculty and staff are eligible to purchase software products through our campus purchase plan. You must use your Brescia e-mail account to order these items.

Access the discount site.

Current students are eligible for free access to Microsoft Office.  You must use your student Brescia e-mail account to download Microsoft Office. 

access the student download of Microsoft Office.

Dell Computer Campus Discount

All registered students and current employees of Brescia University are eligible to purchase Dell computer products at a discounted rate through the Dell University discount store. You must use your Brescia e-mail to access this.

Access the Dell discount page.