Test Yourself

There are many online “psycho-babble” tests. How many times have you seen a Facebook profile proclaim: “What color am I?”  “What famous person am I?” et cetera. Obviously, these “tests” are for entertainment value only and are not research-based. Licensed Clinical Psychologists are usually the best resource to seek out to conduct psychological testing.

That being said, if you do want to learn more about your strengths and characteristics, try the Values in Action Character Strengths: www.viasurvey.org. Please use the FREE versions of this survey unless you want to pay for a printed, extended results summary.

If you are seeking information about a mental health issue for yourself or a friend, the counselor at Brescia University is available to assist you. Online, there is a mental health screening assessment available at www.ulifeline.org, click on “Self Evaluator,” which was developed by Duke University.

To discover your learning styles, go to The Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire, developed by Richard M. Felder and Barbara A. Soloman of North Carolina State University.

College & Career:

Each U.S. state has a college & career planning site. Here is the link to Kentucky’s: www.KnowHow2GOKy.org.  All Kentucky Middle & High Schools use “Career Cruising” for Students’ Individual Learning Plan (ILP), beginning in 5th grade. With login information issued during K-12, your access to “Career Cruising” is unlimited throughout your education & career!  Take advantage of the portfolio that you’ve been building since Middle School!

If you are a current student at Brescia University, I encourage you to use our Career Services resources at Brescia.

Drinking problem?

Confidential assessment is available through Brescia University Counseling Services.

If you have concerns about your alcohol consumption and want reliable, online information visit the Rethinking Drinking website.