Student Government Association

SGA represents all students of Brescia University. It is the purpose of the SGA to be active in the life of the University, to explore and discuss issues within and outside of this learning community, to render service to the students of Brescia, and to fulfill its role as the representative body and advocate on behalf of the students to the faculty and administration of Brescia. All students enrolled at Brescia constitute the membership of SGA. The Executive Branch includes the President, who serves as a Board member and appoints students to Board Committees, Vice President, Parliamentarian, Secretary, Treasurer, Representative to the Administration, and Historian.

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Spring 2023 SGA General Assembly Meeting Dates:

January 17th
January 31st
February 14th
February 28th
March 28th
April 11th
April 25th

Executive Board for 2022-2023

Left to Right: Shom Berry, Historian; Emilee Clark, Parliamentarian; Sheyenna Stytz, Secretary; Sydney Stevens, Representative to the Administration; Jada Saunders, Treasurer; Mercedes Santos-Tellez, President; and Domenico “CJ” Colletta, Vice President