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Information Technology

The Brescia University Information Technology Department offices are located in Rooms 213 and 229 of the Science Building. The Brescia IT department provides network services and support to all faculty and staff offices and limited support to all residential facilities. Members of the IT staff are readily available to answer any questions you may have and can be easily reached by visiting the IT Helpdesk.

The Brescia University IT Department is committed to providing, supporting, and facilitating high quality networking, computing, voice communications and other information services for all Brescia University students, staff and faculty. We strive to support the mission and goals of Brescia University by maintaining and improving campus technology to enhance learning, communication and information management.

Campus Computer Network

A fiber optic backbone delivers high-speed network access to all campus facilities, including all classrooms, offices and residence halls. Within the residence halls, each student is provided an individual network connection. The Ethernet network supports Windows-based and non-Windows based PCs and provides students access to electronic mail and the Internet. Brescia University also offers wireless network access that allows students to access resources with laptops from almost anywhere on campus.

Computer Labs

Computer labs are conveniently located in several buildings across campus. The Library houses the Young Technology Center and also provides computers on the main floor as well as the 3rd floor. Various multimedia study rooms and meeting spaces exist in the Library. Bartholomy-Taylor Hall (formerly the Administration Building) contains a computer lab on the 3rd floor in room 340 for open use when classes are not in session. The Art department also has a Mac lab used for teaching graphic design. The Science Building houses a public computer lab in 212S and a closed (classes-only) computer lab in 522S. The C. E. Field Center for Professional Studies has 3 computer labs in room 111, 112A, and 112B for classes.

Multimedia Classrooms

Many classrooms have a multimedia station connected to an interactive projectord for different learning paradigms.

Video Classrooms

The majority of classrooms across campus offer video and audio recording in the classroom.  A video and audio editing room is also available in the C. E. Field Center for Professional Studies in room 119.

Voice Communications

Voice communications at Brescia University are provided through Jive Communications. Additional information on voice services for faculty and staff is available on the University Intranet.

If you’re experiencing difficulty with your telephone, voicemail,  or any other voice communication issues please submit a helpdesk request. Please include your name, telephone extension, office or room number, and a brief description of the problem you are having.